Exeed offers it’s clients a single source solution for high effeciency wall installations.

Exeed Litecrete:

▪️AAC blocks:
– excellent thermal/acoustic properties meeting green building requirements for internal and external walls.
– lower density = lightweight =
quick to install, easy to handle, cut, shape and chase.

– with C40 Exeed Premium Dry Concrete DC450 – solution for fire doors, cabinets and other high load anchoring applications.

▪️AAC lintels:
– bespoke lintel solution manufactured to meet project requirements
– steel reinforced
– dimensionally matched to AAC block/U-block

Exeed Premium Dry Mortar:

▪️AAC Bedding Mortar-BM:
– reduced mortar bed thickness saving material costs & storage space.

▪️Concrete Block Mortar-CBM 600:
– 2-3mm aggregates allow matching of concrete block Mortar bed thickness to that of AAC block.

▪️Rush Coat RCS 801:
– for application on concrete containing GGBS, fly ash & other applications where high bond strength is required.

▪️Cement Plaster CMP 125
– applied directly to both AAC and concrete block work without the need for rush coat.

Email: info.dubai@exeed.ae