Exeed Litecrete AAC product’s are an extraordinary insulating material that play an important role in constructing sustainable energy efficient ‘green buildings’.

In compliance with Estidama methodology & Dubai Green Building Codes, the energy savings offered by our products begin at production and extend through all it’s life stages.

Stage 1️⃣: Raw Materials & Manufacturing:

Environmentally responsible manufacturing using mainly abundant renewable resources. No harmful chemicals added and our production process emits no toxic gasses, the only manufacturing by-product is harmless steam.

99.9% of raw materials used in production are sourced from within 400km of our plant.

Stage 2️⃣: Packaging & Transport:

Exeed Litecrete AAC is lightweight and therefore a larger volume of finished goods are loaded onto each trailer, minimising the number of deliveries, fuel use and emissions from transport.

Stage 3️⃣: Construction:

On-site, Exeed’s AAC blocks are easily handled to achieve maximum usage and minimum waste. Again, it’s lightweight attributes provide further energy and labor savings through reduced construction times and faster building completion.

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