Exeed Litecrete AAC Blocks are 30% lighter than traditional concrete.

This helps in reducing the dead load of a building. Also tiny air pores and the thermal mass of our blocks provide excellent thermal insulation, thus reducing air conditioning and heating costs. Additionally, Exeed Litecrete AAC materials are porous in nature and therefore it’s sound absorption quality is superior. Exeed AAC materials block out all major sounds and disturbances which makes it ideal for schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, multi-family housing and other structures that require acoustic insulation.

Exeed AAC blocks can be easily cut, drilled, nailed, milled and grooved to fit individual requirements. Using our AAC Blocks reduces the construction time by 20% as the lightweight nature of the product makes it easier and faster to transport, place and construct.

For all enquiries please email info.dubai@exeed.ae